What is Global Organizational Integrators

Global Organizational Integrators is a boutique consultancy that partners with its clients to enable integration between their strategy, culture, leadership and people. Our services are framed within organizational development principles and practices and built on a solid foundation of change management methodology with robust measures in place.We offer blended solutions in:


Strategic Facilitation

Across our service offerings, including diagnostics, designed interventions, delivery and measures we facilitate conversations and actions that are aligned to the strategy of the organization so that creativity, energy, will and commitment to the end result are achieved and embedded.

Organizational Culture Behavioural Change

We interrogate your organizations identity by examining what lies above the surface (the visible) as well as what lies beneath (the invisible) so that we are able to understand every attribute, feature, and feelings that swim above and under the waters and between the lanes. That is, your culture.We look at the behaviours that underlie both the current and desired cultures – good and bad, individual and organizational – that come into force when you are diving, paddling or ducking and how these behaviors complement or distract you from focusing and achieving your purpose and goals.Having identified and understood your culture and behaviors through an integrated change programe, we seek to maximise your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, build on your achievements and close the gaps.

Internal Communications

If the most sophisticated designed strategies complemented by the best intentions and commitments are not communicated it all whittles down to simply words that are written on a piece of paper and an act of benevolence. In essence, worthless! If your employees are not aware of the purpose, intention, and actions required – basically, the how, why, what, when and where – then all the finely crafted strategies and best intentions can fall apart.We probe your communication processes to define a strategy that articulates the how, why, what, when and where. One that is consistent and clear across divisions, processes and stakeholder groupings so that all are singing from the same hymn sheet and dancing to the same tune.Another significant aspect of communication is intercultural communication. A global survey conducted in 2012 by the Economist Intelligence Unit (2012) found that the role of communication and collaboration contributed significantly to the success or failure of companies. Particularly with regard to differences in culture and language which presented the greatest challenge, the study concluded that the ability to form close relationships with partners and customers are frequently inhabited by cultural differences; and that language skills and interpersonal communication skills to build relationships were sorely lacking in today’s managers and senior executives.Together with our clients we look at how intercultural communication skills are develoved that will boost harmonious cross-border relationships and equally upskill employees in cross-cultural sensitivity skills.

Employee Engagement Stakeholder Engagement

Many studies show that only one third of employees feel engaged and at the same time these studies recognise that employee engagement at all levels is key to a highly motivated, high performing, proactive, innovative and productive workforce.Engagement is the glue that cements the disparate parts of your organization. It is the emotive element that confirms to employees that “we empower you”, “we trust you”, “we value you” and “we listen to you”. Engagement is embedded when employees understand where they are going and why they’re going there and then given ownership off issues and decisions. They can take constructive challenges and make constructive choices without fear of being penalized.We work with you to analyze both the strengths and the gaps in your engagement strategy and how to strengthen the connection between an employee’s feeling of empowerment, trust and value in the organization.

Diversity Strategy Practice

Our fundamental belief is that Diversity and Inclusion should not be designed and implemented as a stand-alone initiative or a series of bolted-on activities. Rather, it must be viewed as an essential element of the organizations overarching strategy and as such have tracking and accountability measures in place.Our starting point is that “diversity is value added from different ways of doing, thinking and being”. With this definition in mind, we frame diversity and inclusion through LEAD³ ™ – a leading-edge analytical tool that offers an integrated change management process for building diversity capability. LEAD³™ was developed based on the findings of a five year doctorate research study with seven multinationals across seven sectors and 22 countries.We facilitate a process that examines structural diversity, cognitive diversity and behavioral diversity so that your diversity strategy is integrated with all organizational activities and capabilities and we utilize organizational interventions to translate your objectives into action.

Global Leadership Development Executive Coaching

We offer blended leadership programmes that promise to engage, involve, immerse, educate, stretch and challenge participants in their own developmental journey.Leaders are the architects of their organizations and with this responsibility on their shoulders they need to have an in-depth understanding of their moral, emotive, and style infrastructure. We enable leaders to chart their own course in determining their individual values and performance ethos that move them from technical experts to integrators. A course that accentuates their capabilities and builds their personal armoury. An approach that helps them to understand what they stand for, where they can make a difference and how their personal objectives ‘fit with’, and align to their organizations. Therefore, up-front, we seek to understand where the business needs and the developmental needs meet and how valued can be added.Our programes place emphasis on the individual understanding and honing of their leadership style, and how they cultivate their authenticity, responsibility and self-awareness.As part of a development programme and within a safe environment we offer one-to-one coaching for senior managers and business leaders to support them in areas that are important to self as well as to the business.

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