Shaping the Way Organizations Work

Shaping The Way Organizations Work

As individuals, we all awake in the morning with the best intentions and so it is for organizations. However, like us, organizations can get lost along the way. Even if they have nailed down a compelling vision, designed innovative products, and secured the most talented people, they can lose their way.

Global Organizational Integrators believe that to capitalise on all of your organization’s merits, strengths and achievements whilst acknowledging and learning from limitations and weaknesses requires a culture that is open to change and where sustainability is built into the organizations DNA. We advocate that to advance this type of culture you have to continuously clarify, commit, communicate, collaborate, and care which harnesses co-creation. In turn, co-creation engenders a leaning in towards sustainability and change.

Cultural Co-Creation Model



  • Define business goal and priorities
  • Articulate deliverables and expected outcomes


  • Do what you say you will do
  • Practice what you preach


  • Consistent, clear and continuous key messages
  • Actively engage across the organization


  • Involve across all levels
  • Encourage integrated working and sharing of knowledge


  • Tap into ‘Hearts & Minds’
  • Value all contributions

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