In 2013 Dr Sylvana Storey completed a five year research study on ‘The Impact of Diversity on a Global Leaders Performance’.

Senior leaders from seven multinational organizations representing seven different sectors (mining, financial, construction, beauty, pharmaceutical, chemical and a conglomerate) across 22 countries / 5 continents partook in the research.

The main findings accentuate the growing concerns of global leaders in:

  • Building global leadership capabilities to meet 21st century challenges
  • Strategic alignment to capitalize on the tension between global and local strategy
  • Examining collaborative ways of working between cultures, divisions, subsidiaries and external stakeholders
  • Performance management in emerging markets that unifies and maximize the global/local talent pools
  • Resources and measures to track accountability in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developing cultures and structures that foster innovation and embrace agility and adaptability
  • Acute customer centricity
  • Effective, consistent and clear communications
  • Transparency, equality, fairness and conflict resolution
  • Interdependence and interconnectedness in the way we work

Tools resulting from this research are:

LEAD3 – A leading edge analytical tool that offers an integrated change management process for building global leadership and diversity capability.


GLIDE – A Global Leadership Index for Diversity – A competency framework that identifies and measures key dimensions of global leadership competencies for Diversity and Inclusion.

Lead-image-2For further information on this research and its tools please contact sylvana@sylvanastorey.com. Alternatively, the research is available to be read in “The Impact of Diversity on Global Leadership Performance” by Dr Sylvana Storey.

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