Global Organizational Integrators

Global Organizational Integrators

Global Organizational Integrators starting point is that volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity are words that sum up the current business landscape. A landscape which is endlessly fluid and continues to change at a fast pace. Given this context, as well as the diversity of stakeholders that have to be engaged, organizations often have to contend with a host of multifaceted factors and unanticipated factors and at the same time, connect to a diverse workforce.

Linked to this is the need and challenge for organizations to be agile and flexible so that they are able to pivot their strategies to suit this context as well as, upskill and equip employees with the necessary skills to work effectively within this fluid environment. It is an imperative that every employee be given the opportunity to develop their capabilities in line with the demands of the business.

Lying at the heart of this complexity are globally respected businesses that need to simultaneously protect and develop their identities in a manner that maintains their core values whilst perhaps shifting personal values and behaviors in the pursuit of organizational effectiveness and results. Therefore, how you relate with all stakeholders in terms of valuing, engagement, buy-in and involvement in shaping culture is of the essence.

Global Organizational Integrators has an acute understanding of these types of challenges along with an emphasis on the value of tapping into diverse talent resources so as to build an organization that embeds innovation and sustainable growth in a competitive and transient marketplace.  Through practice and research we have developed innovative change management processes that push the boundaries for managing and delivering organizational programes.

Global Organizational Integrators challenge to companies is to continuously and consistently reflect upon:

  • How they develop strategy
  • How they shape culture
  • How they lead
  • How they value
  • How they engage
  • How they learn
  • How they evolve

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